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In a game, to suddenly and unexpectedly leave your system, mute yourself, and stay away for hours; in teamspeak you usually mute your sound and or go AFK for extended periods of time.
Dude, Phil is totally walshing it right now.
by NOTfez1212 October 01, 2013
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the act of using a person's exact insult as a comback while accentuating the word "you" and other forms of it.
person A- "yo dog you a salty lil bitch"
person B- "nah YOU a salty lil bitch" <-- walshing
by jerseysfreshest February 18, 2011
The act of being easily offended or butthurt over the most minuscule of events.

Being a total crybaby & not handling anything like an adult.

Having no job & letting your wife be the breadwinner while you sit in your fat ass eating, doubling your weight, crying over things on Facebook all while claiming to be a photographer.
I acted like a total bitch and spent the whole night Walshing over something I saw on Facebook. Wah.
by TNastyFunktown July 26, 2014

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