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1. the act of getting someone extremely wet by any means
2. physical sexual molestation, usually includes rectal penetration
I came home unusually early today and got walshed with splooge as I walked in on George beating off.

Boyscout #1; "I woke up in my tent this morning and my ass was covered in vaseline and the hole hurt like hell."
Boyscout #2: "Dude, You got Walshed!"
by rock kickass January 15, 2014
When the ends comes to fruition be questionable means.
Yeah Ben got me change for the bus, but what was he doing in the mens room with those guys? I got Walshed.
by Evan French June 25, 2008
To get unexpectedly pissed
Jack why are you walsh'ed , you pissed bloke
by Jack walsh'ed September 12, 2015
To quit, to leave or to ditch.
The perportraitor of this hanious crime usually had an abnormally large nose.

"Damn jake really walshed that practice. What a pussy!"
by Walsh69 October 22, 2015
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