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going crazy: over-reacting about something.
Boy you must be wallin' if you think that I'm gonna do that for you.
by January December 16, 2003
Unlike it's commonly mistaken definition (wahlin or wylin), 'wallin' means to be stubborn or ignorant.

Wallin = You're stubborn and ignorant.
Brick Wallin = You're ignorant as hell.
Stone Wallin = You're stubborn as hell.
Brick AND Stone Wallin = You're just plain retarded.
YO, that nigga be BRICK wallin He be thinkin the Great Wall of China's in New York.

by Therese B. January 15, 2007
Used to describe a person/s who are acting crazy, reckless, ridiculous, etc.
-Pronounce: Wah-Lin
Dude 1: Yo what did your friends do at that party last night?

Dud 2: It was crazy! They destroyed everything!

Dude 1: Wow, your friends be wallin'.
by KayxGee1 January 27, 2012
1. Somebody who sucks at basketball but who thinks hes the shit.
2. Somebody that claims hes from the ghetto and now hes rich when all along he had money.
3. Someone who thinks hes ballin.
1. a: ''He scored a point and now he thinks he can beat all of us.''
b: ''yea, that cat is wallin.''
2. ''I herd he grew up in the burbz, hes wallin.''
3. '' Haha, he got af1's and he says hes a baller. That idiot is wallin.''
by Gabriel Thomas June 07, 2007
When a student attempts to hide either an object or an action from a teacher during class, usually but not limited to using a notebook or binder to block the view.
Mr. D caught Pedro wallin' while he was explaining adjectives, so he made Pedro put his binder away.
by Dennis class at Perez March 22, 2007
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