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Wallad is a slang word that originates from South London.

The word 'wallad' is originally from the Arabic language, meaning: child, boy, kid, son or youngster.

Calling someone a wallad is a deep insult.
A: If you're not careful, my gang will shoot you.

B: I'm not scared, your gang is full of Wallads.
by DonTrapstar October 02, 2009
A wallad is a word for someone who has actually fucked up in the most idiotic way ever.
Usually used in quite a jokey manner.
"He just accidently used preperation H instead of his toothpaste., What a wallad."
by Panda.nk September 19, 2009
The biggest form of wasteman you can possibly imagine.
Michael: oi nah this water tastes bare weird
Nathan: thats bleach. you wallad
by Notanyul June 10, 2013
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