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Past tense of "ain't"
A verb using contractions of "was" and "not", also "were" and "not".
Used to state a form of being in the negative and past tense.
Archaic or anachronistic southern slang
"It ain't right Cletus, he wain't there when I's came."
"If wain't for dat horse, I's gone to the college."
(using above contractions respectively)
by Kazazik April 17, 2005
a contraction of the negation of any word
EJ- "Yo you home from college yet?"
Me- "Na I wain't finish all my finals yet

Example 2:
EJ- "How good do you think this song is?"
Me- "I like it a lot but it wain't the best, I like that other one more"
by Larry Hustle December 15, 2008
the Box Butte County Nebraska redneck version of the word "wait"
Chris "If y'all are leaving the house wain't for me"
Trevor "Wain't?"
Chris "Ya you have never had to wain't for something or are you making fun of the way I say wain't"
Trevor "Naw man you say wain't well, I'm making fun of the way you say wain't"
by brown_trevor December 30, 2010
A black people version of was not.
I wish Bob Marley waint dead so we could see him in concert.
by Climp May 02, 2010
Waint is a very versatile word. A synonym for such words as sucks or gay. Waint is a word that brings negative thoughts and feelings into a situation. Often, waint is used as a one word answer.
Instead of, "Dude, your gay!"
Try, "Dude, your waint!"

Instead of, "Wow, the Sens suck, they're by far the worst team in the NHL. They should move to somewhere like Hamilton or Minden where the fans aren't such crappy people."
Try, "Wow, the Sens are waint, they're by far the most waint team in the NHL. The should move to somewhere like Hamilton or Minden where the fans aren't such waint people."
Or perhaps your teacher assigns homework, you can retort with a resounding "WWAAIINNTT"
by 10' folded in half December 19, 2011
verb; was not; wasn't; ain't past tense;
i wain't ever going to your party
i wish she wain't a wordy bitch or i'd want it.
by pcheeooo September 14, 2010
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