A combination of a win and a fail.
That guy just did a 20 foot grind, but then his board slipped!
What a wail!
by A1-Sponge June 10, 2010
When a fail is so epic, it becomes a win
"Dude, you have over 400 socks and not a single matching pair?"

"I know. Its such a wail."
by A Kreeper January 01, 2010
1. verb-To eat or drink, or consume something very fast

2. verb-To hit or punch repeatedly
Wow, I really wailed that sandwich!

You missed a great fight, you should've seen him wail on his face!!!
by Kristen L January 23, 2007
A win that is also fail. Bittersweet in modern terminology.
Person 1: "Dude I had great sex last night, but due to intoxication have only the vaguest memory of it."
Person 2: "Wail, man."
by The Wail Master June 28, 2010
Often used to describe the extremely aggressive punching action of one person against another during a fight
Did you see that? He was wailing on that guy!
by Bungalow Bill October 17, 2001
wail - an adverb used to add emphasis to the extent of ones failure, in popular urban culture wail can follow after the verb fail , since wail is a homonym with the word whale the two are often confused. an example of such is present in the text of Isabella Lord
i fed my duck coffee and it died" "awww fail wail
by CurseTheTide February 03, 2011
to be absolutely awesome
That new µ release fucking wails!
by Spambot September 11, 2004

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