2. A word that can be applied ot almost any term to express force. A fun and expressive word.
I wanna wail her face. (passionate kissing)

I wailed him in the jaw. (punched)

I would wail her so hard. (I would sleep with her)

I really wailed that party. (made a big scene at that party)

I got wailed. (embarassed, ridiculed)
by Johnny Vague February 19, 2005
1. To engage relentlessly in any activity. i.e. having sex, eating, smoking, drinking, working. Indulgence.
Damn, I'm about to wail on that girl. or Let me wail on that cigarette.
by sweetpotato August 12, 2004
To throw or pass an object

Likely to be coined in the south midlands
'oi, wail me one of those beers over'
by George Willis September 13, 2006
to rest your penis upon that of another's shoulder or head.
hello. Let me wail on you please.
by Kezzibear December 17, 2005

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