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1: a word which, in several Polynesian languages, means 'woman'. Variation: vahine.
2: A female surfer.
Man, that wahine really could surf...
by lifesabeach May 11, 2003
1. a woman of polynesian, esp. hawaiian descent.
2. a woman who surfs
gidget was a wahine
by Anonymous April 27, 2003
word meaning "women" in the hawaiian language.
Let's go to the beach and look for Wahines! mountain vacation 2003
by awww crikey August 08, 2003
a woman of polynesian race.
see dat wahine ova there? that be mah mum
by MizTui May 02, 2003
An inter-island ferry built in 1966 which sank in a severe hurricane in wellington harbour on April 10. 1968, 51 people lost there lives, but miraculously 655 others onboard survived, the captain of that ship told a lot of bullshit about how the ship was going to be towed into port as it was only 5 minutes from its dock but it sank 7 hours later cos the tugs coming out to rescue it themselves almost tipped over in 35 metre waves.
by Brother_Number_One July 20, 2003
A bunny. Cute and fluffy-like. yay Bunnies!
Wahine is a bunny. To be cute and fluffy. Bunny-ish
by Jeff March 01, 2005
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