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1 - a derogrotory term to describe somebody of an unfavorable nature.

2 - a country in south america. c. homer simpson 1995
1 - ur gay
2 - heheh look at that country there - U-R GAY heheheheheh
by Brother_Number_One August 20, 2003

a Tinnie is 1 gram of Mother Nature (Cannabis) Wrapped up in Tinfoil and can be brought for $20 on the underground circut (Hence Tinnie Houses)
aye bro, diz pig just busted me for that tinnie i brought, dang pigs
by brother_number_one July 27, 2003
New Zealand pronounciation for Fish
Im gunna get me some Fush N Chups??
by Brother_Number_One August 22, 2003
Are the BEAST!!! they can smack the living shit outta pussy rock groups such as Creed, Korn and Pimp Shitzkitt.
Breed to Breathe.........
by Brother_Number_One August 18, 2003
the biggest slutbag trendwhore after britney spears and christina aguleria there is.

J-ho likes to sing as though she is having a carrot shoved up her rectum
bitch, hoe, no talent ho, cucumber ass-fucked.
by brother_number_one July 31, 2003
one who lives there own lives without being manipulated into following the crowd, an individualist.
by brother_number_one July 27, 2003
what we drink everyday after work, its gods gift to us mankind (on par with hemp)
4 quarts of double brown seems cool but 5 is always better.
by brother_number_one July 27, 2003
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