gridlocked; when you enter an intersection and there isn't enough room for your car to make it all the way - this forms a waffle.
"Can I make it??"
"Dude no you'll get waffled!"

"Fml man I got a ticket for waffle-ing"
by kellyrck March 13, 2013
The condition of a woman's bottom after a sadist with OCD has made first a perfect row of welts vertically, and then horizontally, using a riding crop. The appearance of this physical condition is not unlike a waffle with strawberry syrup. This effect is best on pale white skin or slightly tanned skin.
"While she did not enjoy it initially, once L.A. was a little over half-waffled, the warming heat spreading from the strokes of the crop spread far enough for her to really enjoy it."
by SMData December 26, 2011
The violent dispersion of a large amount of waffles on the house of an enemy.

Dude, Jerry, I'm pretty sure we just got waffled.
by cara304 April 02, 2009
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