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bad, poor, sub-standard
That band was complete waffer.
by Anonymous June 05, 2003
a 40mg Methadone . Normally white , but also come in orange . A waffer is round and about the size of a quarter.
Dude i just got me a waffer , and now i fill like rockin.
by rchl_nwsm November 08, 2007
A Faggot on level that is so high, that is shameful.
Me: Fark man, why the hell did Sajjad do that?
Friend: I reckon, friggin' waffer.
by c3vzn October 06, 2011
Pronounced WA-FFER.

Waffer is a rare word. It can be used in any single sentence and would be perfectly acceptable. It can be both insultive and it could also be complimentary.
1. That guy is a complete Waffer.

2. You was a Waffer in moving for that Gal.

3. Lets get it on you Waffer.
by TheMackAttack!123 August 12, 2008