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An eccentric, ditsy, arcane, funny, person. Is generally a goodnatured and sympathetic person. Not to be confused with a "wackjob," who can be nasty,or violent.
Aunt Rosemary's fondness for multiple cats, Minnie Pearl hats, and alien abductions was never a source of shame for Fred, but rather a source of pride. He thought it surely must qualify her for the mythical "Wackadoodle Hall of Fame."
by GRocco November 19, 2007
Professor or other who is completely out of touch with their students, employees etc.
She wants us to do what? She is completely "wack-a-doodle".
by UWB is really not me February 03, 2010
someone would isn't mentally ill but you would think that they were. They do weird things, that normal people wouldn't do.
Kelly is a wack-a-doodle, she does some really weird things.
by xoxo gossip girl November 27, 2007
Wackadoodle = Golden Retriever and/or Labrador Retriever + Standard Poodle.
Taking two very intelligent breeds, example being the Golden Retriever and Standard Poodle, and breeding the brains right out of them, hence the name wackadoodle!!!!
by redpumpkin28 January 20, 2011
Someone who walks to the beat of there own drum, who works against the grain of culture and directions. These people do not care if they fit in with the group. They are clueless.
crazy strange disruptive
She's a wackadoodle. She doesn't listen and just wants to do it her way
by Wallfish12 January 08, 2014
One who lacks all sense of reality, usually used to refer to my ex-wife! Crazy Insane
My ex-wife anit just crazy, she is a complete frickin Wack-a-Doodle!!
by Jinx October 27, 2004
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