a mixture of the words "Wack" and "Macintosh"

Wack is a word "Waste" people say when something is crap. like being short changed or underpaid or perhaps asked to work unreasonable hours. or contracting HIV or stepping on a land mine

Macintosh is a type of software made by apple and rival to pc in someways. good for making films but considerd a waste product

mixing these to words is basically saying this mac is wack, or awful disapointment
person 1 "man wtf is safari"
person 2 "oh its like internet explorer"
person 1 "this is wacintosh"
person 3 "how do you rightclick"
person 1 "i dont think you can"
all persons "this is wacintosh"
by funnyhippo April 14, 2010

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