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way to fail

usually used after complete failure
Son: hey dad im gay

Dad: w2f
by fail face June 05, 2007
Acronym used in chatting, texting, t-shirt captions and other terse forms of communication.

4 possible meanings:

a.) Want to F#ck
b.) Wet Wild (w2) and Fast
c.) Way too Far
d.) Way to Fail
a.) hi. =) w2f?

b.) imho, every woman should be w2f.

c.) screaming at your boss was taking it w2f.

d.) shattered ur elbow doing a pole dance? w2f.
by w0rdsmythe August 03, 2009
Short form of "way too far"
used when another person said something too offensive that is no longer funny

person a: why weren't u at the party last night?
person b: i was fucking ur mom and ur sister the same time !
person a: ... w2f not funny
by w2f dood w2f February 11, 2007
Stands for Way To Fail. Not to be confused with wtf, which means "what the f***."

Similar to epic fail; used especially if the fail-er was trying to show off or be cocky before he/she failed at what they were doing.
Person A: *trips*
Person B: W2f, my friend, w2f.

A: You can't surf to save your life.
B: Oh yeah? Watch me. *attempts to surf but wipes out*
A: Way to fail, man. W2f.
by sonalis January 20, 2010