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in vietnamese,it means "king"
taylor is a straight up vuong.he rules all chinks(all asians, not jus chinese)
by taylor vuong December 15, 2007
1.being totally cool and a slybean fork
1.Vuong is so cool, also he is a slybean........w0rd.
2. OMFG he just forked that dude in the eye OMFG ROFL
by James from Jamiaca September 09, 2003
1.Forking, Forked etc
2. the wierd hyper guy and used as praise amongst humans
1.dude you Vuong'd him
2. DUDE that was soo VUONG ya kno, im buying you a pizza
by James from Jamaica September 10, 2003
hey Super vuong, get your penis out my ass!
by Benjy October 08, 2003
commonly known as v-man, bob or fuckhead.

he wont insult any1 because he is too nice. prone to anti-communist statements.

strong points: css
weak points: socialising
you can find him selling big-issue in the london underground network.
by super_chink April 06, 2005
He is the total fucking shit! he loves to take cock, also while taking it from lukie & henry.

Shane = buff!!
Vuong is shane's bitch
bitch is vuong
henry is vuong bitch
vuong is queen bitch...
vuong is a sket
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