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having the qualities of a fox
Mortimer has a very narrow, vulpine face.
by Coren April 29, 2005

A sly of foxy person.
Watch out for his lines. He's a regular vilpine.

Freddies mad because he knows he's a pedophile just trying to ba a vulpine. The lil ladys like it, but the Lady's see right threw it.

Dagon, the male mermaid, was a vulpine when he motion his ocean tails into her ear.

The vilpine is planning a hiest. The question is what will he do when he gets to his prize eye? Only Gods know!
by stapplePipeLines June 13, 2010
Belonging to the fox family.
Red foxes, gray foxes, and arctic foxes are all vulpine.
by rebelrockerwerewolf October 07, 2005

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