A race of kids of the underground music scene who adopted the hair-do closely resembling Spock from Star Trek whom was of the Vulcan race. Most known for this hair style and culture were the strange faggish members of The Locust and it's followers back in the late 90's. The Hair style evolved into a more uglier look unfortunately into the Emo scene- which also unfortunately surfaced due to lost teens who unknowingly acquired the style in the last few years, they added some length, modernized it to fit mainstream style but did not achieve to keep it non-queer, gay looking or faggish. It's not believed to be known to them that it does look gay as hell. In fact, Mullets should of came back out of the trailer park before a faggot hairdo like this.
"Oh great, are band is opening for The Locust? Fucking dumb Vulcans."
"Look! The place is full of Vulcans."
"There's a Vulcan sucking wank for the joy it, and they are both male."
fag rump ranger queer follower vain mullet scene emo
by vigilanty June 18, 2009
Top Definition
A tiny in town in Alberta, Canada. After 'Star Trek' became popular the town capitalized on the name coincidence. There's a ton of Star Trek stuff in this town - murals, a huge starship, a space station that doubles as the town visitor center.
Dude! I just went to Vulcan! They've got great burgers there.
by Tamara January 02, 2005
An ancient race of humanoids from planet of the same name. Some famous Vulcans include Spock, Sarek, Surak, T'Pau. T'Pol' T'Pring
Dude, just go Vulcan when the cop catches up and pulls us over.
by Karl November 21, 2004
A 20mm automatic cannon with a very high rate of fire (rof). Usually aircraft mounted.
I used the vulcan gun to mow down all of the innocent little chipminks.
by BlastMaster May 18, 2003
Although these days the term Vulcan is most commonly used to refer to a (fictional) Star Trek race, it has its originations in Roman mythology.
by Jonathan Archer March 09, 2005
The art of pleasuring a woman with two fingers of one hand in both holes at the same time
I gave my bird a serious session of the vulcan last night and she creamed all over my hand
by Mr Mong November 29, 2004
The greek god of fire and the forge. Also known as Hephaestus.
Vulcan created the weapons of the gods.
by Umbra December 17, 2004
A race of pointy-eared ancient humanoids, the most famous of whom is Spock, from a planet of the same name in the Star Trek series. The word could also be used by James T. Kirk to express shock or disbelief in any of Spock's logical thoughts or behaviors that were not clearly comprehended by the Captain.
Kirk: "Doctor, go ask that green slimeball thing if it's possible a human being could have sex with its species."

Doctor: "Damnit, Jim, I'm a doctor, not a sex therapist!"

Spock: "I am afraid the Doctor is right, Jim. That would be completely illogical."

Kirk: "Spock, you're questioning my orders?! Are you out of your Vulcan (fuckin') mind?!"
by dookeyboy December 04, 2010

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