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An alian race in star trek. They have pointy ears, slaned brows, green blood, and the boys generaly have a black beetle cut. Their culture is based on only being logical, not emotional wich is because thay as a species are super crazy and have to repress that. The men go crazy for sex once every 7 years in pon farr. They can pinch your neck to knock you out and they can mind meld... wich is exactly how it sounds.
Spock, Tuvok, T'pol, T'pring... are all vulcan
by werty709 May 22, 2009
A vulcan who is half human. He is super logical and that turns some people on like the girl on the planet with all those drugs. He is bffs with Kirk. He always says facinating and illogical
"facinating" says spock after something cool hppens.
"Illogical" he says that allot too
by werty709 May 21, 2009
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