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An abbreviation for the "Virginia Tech Massacre" : When used as a verb, "VTM" entails the action of a school shooting, or massacring, in which a student guns down much hated peers and teachers
I just want to lock Mr. Pender and those stupid year 8s in a classroom and VTM their sorry asses
by periwinklestill May 11, 2010
Virgin 'til Marriage. Someone who doesn't have sex before he or she is marriage.
Lisa's wedding night is very important to her. Afterall, she is a VTM
by kristianne May 02, 2005
Virtual Training Module

Used to teach via device of visual communication.
Will is learning Unreal Level Editor by the VTM's.
by Justin Van Horne May 09, 2004
The abbreviation for, the most awesome Harry Potter website in existence.
Have you seen this week's VTM OnAir?
by halfbloodprincerox August 08, 2005
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