Its development began in the late 1980s, when the Spetsnaz command requested the development of specialised weapons to suit Spetsnaz operation modes. Before that time, the Spetsnaz had used AK-47/AKM with detachable silencers and special subsonic ammunition and Stechkin APSB pistols. In 1980s, however, it was decided that those weapons were not adequate.
VSS "Vintorez" had been designed around a proprietary cartridge, designed solely for stealthy shots in the presence of enemy forces, the SP-5/SP-6. Measuring 9x39 mm, it is loaded with a heavy bullet, which travels with subsonic speeds thus carrying considerable more energy that smaller and faster rounds. The SP-5 is standard ammo, while the SP-6 is a special armor-piercing round.
Technically, VSS "Vintorez" is a gas-operated silenced rifle. It, just like AS "Val", has separate safety lever and fire mode button. However, automatic fire is intended only for emergency situations, and puts inordinate strain on the gun.
VSS "Vintorez" is intended for the sniper duty.
did you hear something? look out sni

by odstjj74 May 06, 2010
VSS stands for "Very Small Shellscript" technology and has it's basis in a plaque that once, way back when, could be bought at Thinkgeek that said "Go away or I will replace you with a Very Small Shellscript". Applicapble wherever ingenoius small Perl, Bash or SH scripts have been employed advantageusly.
This site is powered by VSS.
by Miqlo February 16, 2005
Virtual Skype Sex
Guy : Im feeling horny after being away from you for the past 3 month.

Girl : Lets do VSS tonight
by Ashiro November 13, 2008

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