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Sni can be used in any context possible. It may be used as a sound effect or a reaction to an event or incident.

derived from the root word, "ni," which was originally created by Brian Song, before discovering that the word, "ni" was used in the movie, Monty Python and the Holy Grail
Point to nothing with ur hand and go, "Sni"

Shoot a basketball and exclaim, "Sni"

In any awkward situation, u may exclaim, "Sni" in any manner desired and it will immediately be appropriate

It has also been used as a nickname for a highschool senior class of 2007, "Sni-niors" but has been determined to be stupid.
by urbanmike May 15, 2007
Short for Shiny New Idea. Loads of writers use this because as soon as you start working on a story, an sni just has to pop up ;)
Uhh, none. Got too distracted by my sni.
by dessa August 03, 2010
anything and everything
i like you like...sni...
look at the sni...
i feel..sni...
by carey Guillaume November 03, 2003
sni is an abreviation for spontanious nut itch, also known as spontanious nad itch. which simply means a random itching of the testicular area. this includes the pubic area and genitalia
"BAHHHHHHHHHHH i just got a major SNI, scratch my nuts for me will ya?"
by ryan May 30, 2005

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