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acting like you're flying through space when you're really drunk/high in your friends car with your eyes shut and arms out while really shitty music is blasting.
Radio: "Tonight's gonna be a good night...yea tonight's gonna be a good good night..."
Friend 1: "Dude the song's on!! Close your eyes!"
Friend 2: "I'm vortexing already!!!"
#drunk #high #akwyl #car #friends #life
by AKWYLallday May 01, 2010
When you just can't stop listening to a song, album, or artist for hours or days on end because the connection you have to it is all too real
Dudte, I've been vortexing Say Anything's discography for 3 days; OMG it's so f***ing good!
#music #mind-blowing #vortexisby #beautiful #indulgence
by Van der Bisch June 08, 2015
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