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A mountain biking website from New Zealand. There is a lot here and its somewhat addictive.
So come on in - you know you want to...
Vorb rules!!
by JohnnyC October 07, 2003
Acronym; Vaguely Organised Riding of Bikes
as defined on the 2nd largest New Zealand Website as according to Neilsen ratings and the largest New Zealand Website dedicated to Mountainbikes, Mountainbikers and all events and related incidences to the cycling industry.
by unimportant vorber December 16, 2005
Acronym for Value Over Replacement Boyfriend. It is a way to assess the merits of a guy as a potential significant other.
Vince's VORB of 6.2 makes him one of the most highly rated single guys in all of Shutesbury. Most of that number is attributed to his full head of wavy, brown hair and willingness to perform cunnilingus.
by Son of Safety Boy December 02, 2011
1. (v) to only order cheese burgers, plain calzones, or cheese pizzas?

2. (v) to hinder others from trying something new while ordering

3. (v) to hinder the enjoyment of a dining experience by refusing to go to restaurants that do not offer choices defined above
1. Bill- "excuse me waitress, my friend donnie here is ready to vorb."

2. Bill- "should i get the fried calimari or buffalo wings?"
donnie- "dude, just order a cheese burger. if u get that stuff i can't sit near you"
Bill- "damn donnie, why are u always vorbing when people are trying to order?!"

3. Bill- "so its either mexican or chinese, right?"
everyone else- "yeah"
donnie- "but i dont wannnnaa"
Bill- "fuck u donnie, u vorbed us last time, we are gonna go to either mexican or chinese without u"
by Bill Williamson March 05, 2005
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