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A mountain biking website from New Zealand. There is a lot here and its somewhat addictive.
So come on in - you know you want to...
Vorb rules!!
by JohnnyC October 07, 2003
A public university of about 7,000 students located in Kirksville, MO. Founded in 1867, Truman State University has a long history of being recognized nationally for its innovative assessment program and commitment to providing a high-quality liberal arts and sciences education at an affordable price. You can find JohnnyC here, drinking and smiling with his friends.
-You're cute, you're smart, you must be a student at Truman State University in Kirksville, Missouri?
-Would you like to buy some meth?
by JohnnyC February 07, 2005
1. Regular visitor to the website vorb
2. The sort of person your mum warned you about
You stay away form those vorbers!!
by JohnnyC October 07, 2003
Programmed cell death as signalled by the nuclei in normally functioning human and animal cells when age or state of cell health and condition dictates.
Cellular Suicide.
-I can't quite make out what Billy wrote down in his biology notes....ahhh, apoptosis. Of course.
by JohnnyC February 08, 2005
A double cheeseburger.
-Would you like a bite of my mom's famous olive stew?
-Thanks, but no thanks. I had a couple of dcheeses on the way over.
by JohnnyC February 08, 2005
A quantity of a drug typically manufactured and sought after throughout rural America.
-Would you like to buy some meth?
by JohnnyC February 07, 2005
A nickname referring to the city of Chicago, Illinois, developed by a tight-knit rollerblading community in the 1990’s. It generally has positive connotations.
-I heard David Bowie is coming to Potatoville.
-Yeah, he's playing the Metro.
by JohnnyC February 07, 2005
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