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The sound made by a deadly Tennessee tornado.

It may last a decasecond.
It may be followed by screams from a man.
It may be the worst sound one has ever heard.
"The worst sound Eric Funkhouser said he has ever heard was a 10-second 'voom' followed by a man's screams."

(taken from a news story about April 10, 2009's deadly tornado that struck Murfreesboro, TN)
by BillyJack April 12, 2009
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To move quickly though or around.
He will voom past us.
by dude9596 September 05, 2009
To relieve oneself on the side of a house during a party.
Dood, whoever's in the bathroom is taking fricken forever! I think we're gonna hafta voom!
by Themostcynicalteacher April 12, 2015
The sound trampolines make.
John: God I hate down syndrome kids
by MyNameIsNotStan July 22, 2011
The universal word for "Fail" or "Failure".
Jen: "Then he wiggled his third finger."
*Ryan shakes his head*
Jeff: "Man, you voom...!"
Ryan: "Epic VOOM!"
by MDIH May 27, 2010
Adverb, Verb: An expression used in conjunction with the upward and outward swoop of the pointer finger. Commonly used in sarcastic suprise at a ridiculous comment or situation. More often used with a mocking tone, directed at a person who just made a terrible joke, or just told an endless story with no point at the end. Voom has also been used to salvage the forementioned endless story, used as an "ace in the hole." Though this usage of the word is only effective on a select (and easily amused) audience.
"You have High School Musical on your IPod? Voom?? Really?"

by palmerbee July 10, 2008

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