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A condition where one appears to excrete diarrhea orally.
Dude! Chris got Giardia last week and he had vomarrhea in my kitchen sink. We've been eating out ever since.
by oldmanklc March 13, 2008
10 0
Vomarrhea is the act of vomiting and pooping diarrhea at the same time.
Ex. 1) Veronica experienced vomarrhea as she was pooping diarrhea and vomiting into a trash can at the same time.

Ex. 2) Josh had to cancel his date because he had vomarrhea.
by Jess3481 November 14, 2012
2 0
Vomiting and diarrhea at the same time.
I was sitting on the toilet with a trashcan in front of me all day, I had vomarrhea!
by nursentraining July 11, 2011
3 1