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A main strip; main boulevard; hot spot
Tonite we'll be cruisin the volo
by KANyE July 10, 2005
A particularly annoying and self-righteous breed of straight-edge. Also referred to as hate edge, but unlike that particular group, are typically nonviolent in extolling the virtues of their philosophy, just self-aggrandizing and insulting towards those that have contrary beliefs. Generally exist primarily in the punk, hardcore, and emo subcultures and join numerous anti-substance abuse groups.
I just wanted a smoke, but then I get a lecture from that volo about the evils of Big Tobacco.
by spartanpass December 12, 2005
Violins Only Live Once

If you're a musician you can relate, violins have swag. We don't take no hate, we embrace even the trickiest of musical passages.
Charles : 'Woah, look at the CRAY CRAY passage in the first violin part of Carmina Burana'

Izzy : 'Don't sweat it bro, volo'
by MrsMozart March 27, 2013
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