Contrary to what some people seem to believe, volleyball is a sport, not a form of entertainment for horny losers. There are many variations, such as doubles beach volleyball and indoor 6 vs. 6. It takes more skill than most losers have, so they choose to ogle at female players rather than get off their asses and learn to play. And by the way, volleyball isn't just a sport for women; men play too.
Most people who "play volleyball" have never played volleyball.

Gym volleyball is not volleyball.

Picnic volleyball is not volleyball.

I love volleyball.
by ssaamm kk April 03, 2008
The toughest game ever invented. It's simple though, keep the ball of your court and cram it down on theirs! Anyone who disagrees try diving for a ball on game point and busting your head open, to then find out you got the ball up and won the rally to win the match. Now thats a tough sport! DONT B FOOLED BY THE SPANDEX, its just a uniform.
If volleyball were easy it would b called cheerleading!
by carrtney April 07, 2008
The best sport in the world! Obviously these losers have never played it because its not just tall, lanky people! So there! It is one of the best sports to play and I am sure that we do more activity than you do! But you know wacking off doesnt take all that much activity! :-)
I love to play Volleyball instead of wack off like some losers I know!
by *Jessica* June 12, 2003
tha fukin aweswomest sport in tha world, when you hit tha ball down some guys throat alot of skill is needed
i played volleyball yesterday...pounded a guyy in the face
by vball June 11, 2004
awesome game
the people who knock it are the ones who didn't make the team. Sucks to be you guys!!!
That volleyball playa is so damn fine!
by suckstobeu September 09, 2003
the best sport out there, and if u think volleyball isnt a sport then u are either a dumb@$$, or obviosly you have no idea what so ever what a sport is, cuz ur too lazy to get ur ass off that chair and actually do somethin rather than check on what words mean!! What a loser! go get a life! i feel sry 4 u!
by no1sbussines August 30, 2003
The greatest sport in the world, consisting of 6 men on a 30 foot court attempting to hit the crap out of the ball land on the other side of the court without touching the net or going under it.

What men do during boys baseball season.
Psht, I'm not a pussy... I play volleyball
by McHale March 20, 2007

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