Do a girl doggystyle. Cum on the small of her back. When it runs down into her ass crack, slap both ass cheeks together, thus creating an eruption.
by Its 2 ez October 29, 2003
The sexual act when you lay a woman down on her back and shit in her pussy during her period. Then you slam her legs shut and watch it all spew out, like a volcano.
I volcanoed your mom last night, I wouldn't go in her room.
by K Brad December 15, 2007
A sex act in which a girl gives you head and holds a lit lighter until you are about to cum. She then extinquishes the lighter on your scrotom as you cum thus creating a 'fire from down below' eruption effect.
Don't ever give me the volcano again whore! *slap*
by EVolcanomasterD September 11, 2006
A code word letting others know that they are cock-blocking your efforts with a young lady.
Dude, volcano. Volllcccaaannnoooooo!!!
by Newbs July 17, 2006
The act of lighting a women's pubic hair on fire during sex.
"hey man that bitch has got a nice shaved pussy"

"yea, too bad shes immune to the volcano now..."
by SimonAndGarfunkmasterFlex October 05, 2004
when a man is about to orgasm, he pulls out his dong, aims it at his lover, squeezes his balls with great force while he is ejaculating, then with one powerful forward stroke on the dong, a large amount of baby gravy explodes all over her.
Right before i was about to call it quits, i volcanoed all over my girlfriend's body
by Agent Cumbubble April 27, 2007
When your going down on a girl who is on her period and you suck some of the blood out of her and lean your head back and bubbles it out of your mouth causing the erruption effect!
Don't really have an example its pretty self explainitory but i wouldn't try the volcano if you and her both dont have a strong stomach.
by M Sinister June 21, 2007
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