When you're leaned back on your shoulders with your knees behind your ears lighting a fart and diarrhea comes out after the fart, thus creating the eruption effect.

In order to be a true volcano all three factors need to be present. Gas, diarrhea, and lit flame!!!
"Dude! I almost burned my house down!! Did you see me volcano?"
by DanOAngel April 23, 2009
When you are have anal sex with a male or female and they fart with poop following!
I was butt fucking my girlfriend then she volcanoed!
by Talosyn February 18, 2014
The result of one fapping for so hard and long that it is blood instead of semen coming out of the penis. It also burns terribly, making it seem hot like a volcano.
Patient: I think i have a little problem...
Doctor: And what might that be??
Patient: Well, I was fapping yesterday, and it was for a long time, and I started cumming blood!
Doctor: Ah, sounds like a volcano to me!! This morphine should do the trick.
by mrfapfapfappityfapfap August 10, 2013
the shape your asshole make when you grunt to bust ass
my volcano just erupted!
by ass kracker March 13, 2012
Refers to an extremely large pimple, likely infected, that is normally located but not limited to: the forehead or back region of the body.
1. "Paul I'm not going anywhere with this volcano, it's hideous!"

2. "Oh God my volcano is about to erupt(all over the mirror)!!!"
by Marlfox March 06, 2012
a hot mess
sara: Do you see that girl in the last nights clothing with raccoon eyes?

jess: yea she's such a volcano
by melmelyell September 22, 2011
(v) - having an intense pleasurable reaction to something. When you "erupt" in a pleasurable manner.

(adj) - Looking extremely hot and sexy, irresistible ; unattainable

(n) - hot piece of awesomeness/sexiness
(V) - ex. "I just volcanoed when she said I looked sexy

(ADJ) - ex. "She looked so volcanic in her dress at the party last night, I volcanoed just looking at her"

(N) - ex. "She looked like such a volcano when I saw her last at that party let's hope she still looks as volcanic as I remember"
by ms.volcano March 24, 2011

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