What jocks believe to be equal to a touchdown.
A dumb jock went to the mail and opened up his mailbox. On his application to Harvard, it said void all over it because his I.Q. is lower than the Hindenburg and there was a football crammed inside the envelope. When he opened it up he shouted, "YAAAAY! I GOT THE VOID!"
by Mark Simpson June 07, 2006
The black hole that is consuming Clocktopia
by Clock Crew November 07, 2003
The wall of deadly darkmatter that is indestructable... In The Void series, tanks fired missiles at it and they bounced back with even more power... It looks like Clocktopia will be torn apart... Nooooo...
(See The Void series on Newgrounds.com)
by Zafficlock February 24, 2004
To diss, throw off, or ignore.
god Mikey your being such an asshole, VOID!
by Kelsey August 02, 2004
A vagina
"Dude, I totally stuck it in her void."
by Yomamaissohawt January 27, 2009
Or maybe its the coolest fucking band ever ritards
random voice- "yo nigga look its da void"
us- "abortions tickle"
by The Real Void April 28, 2005

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