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more oftenly reffurd to as the "prawn" or in some more severe cases the "useless Prawn"

this Rather ugly looking creature is native to both the boys boarding house and quite reguarly found at the bowls club and is usually found either engaging in a rather pointless coversation or chinwag.
Voges what a useless Prawn
by rangoss November 17, 2010
A special bread of human being quite bull/ox headed.To be stared down by an Ox. Typically lackadaisical with a sour smug look on its face, yet easily set into rage. Can be quite docile and fluid if left alone. In social situations can be loud, obnoxious and full of shit like a grazing waterfowl.

"VO" m sg (pl: volovi) meaning: OX
(Bosnian - Etymology From a Common Slavic vol., Noun)

"GES" meaning: goose-a grazing waterfowl of the family Anatidae (Polish origin - gęś - Etymology From Proto-Slavic *gǫsь. Pronunciation Noun)
Mark: Mike has Sean ever given you the look?
Mike: What look?
Mark: You know that boys town look.
Mike: Boys town... you mean you think Sean is gay?
Mark: Well... I asked him once after he suck of that dude in the alley last week if he thinks thats gay. He answered me quite bullishly as he lied through his eyes... and pulled a "Voges."
Mike: Ahh... Yes, I have seen that fiery stare of confusion and rage.
by Sal Rosenberg, Up-State Region February 07, 2010