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Vortex of chaos, abbreviated to V.O.C., or "vock"
My manager was panicking about the senior management presentation and it was just a complete vock
by kitkat.5 July 19, 2009
The spectacular talent that only the most legendary men on earth can perform.

It is the art of leaving women craving that particular person beyond anything else, that in the end will do "anything" for him giving her the illusion of love ... It is almost as if the woman were under a spell because of his good looks and charm and she is oblivious that he has no emotional attachment .

Only blessed extremely good looking men have this gift to seduce any woman and is often dreamed about by ordinary men.

Woman are unable to resist the power of vock the immense combination of charm and good looks. It is the one weapon some males are gifted with over the female race
Guy1: She is the ultimate babe" No man can get her!

Guy2: Yeah she is!!! But I heard that there are those men in the world who can get a babe like that?

Guy3: I have heard of them too, its true. They use the art of the VOCK!

Girl1: Omw he's so HOT!!!

Girl2: He's the definition of sex!!

Girl3: be careful he might vock both of you!!
by M@rc May 24, 2011
To horribly screw something wonderful up. Such as overdoing an inside joke the person was not part of.
That's Vocked up!
by pokolumps October 05, 2011
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