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the ultimate prgram for watching video clips on your computer. opens all mac and pc formats on any type of computer. Porn enthusiasts, your holy grail is here.
Man 1- Yo bro, i cant watch the clip you sent of Dan's sister stripping on my mac. Its not a file Quicktime can open

Man 2- Download VLC.

Man 1- Oh, ok. thanks.
by Sam Snoogans January 14, 2007
Noun. Stands for Virgin Lips Club. In other words, people who have never been kissed.
I'm not in the VLC anymore because I made out with Johnny last night.
by DimmuBorgir1066 August 03, 2006
The Virgin Lips Club. Originating from Mormon culture, the V.L.C became a way to identify yourself as someone who has never kissed another human. In order to get out of the V.L.C. you must kiss someone on the lips. Cheeks do not count. Getting out of the V.L.C. is a rite of passage and those who are still members are oftentimes teased. Similar to V Card only with kissing instead.
Person 1: "Dude, did you get out of the V.L.C. with Emma last night?"

Person 2: "Yeah man, it was so awesome. It was like 5 seconds!"
by Ryanisabeast January 15, 2016
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