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A term used to describe intelligent, well-groomed males. Faison's are typically well-read, athletic, and good-natured.

Faison could also be used as a knick-name for a ladies man.
Jon: "Wow guys like that get all the luck"

Doe: "Yea, thats a Faison for ya. Watch out 'cause he'll take your girl."
by NeverDUN September 21, 2010
Spritsitz is a good cologne, fragrence, or Smell.
I'ma be chillin wit mah bitch later so i gotta put on the good spritsitz
by NeverDUN September 18, 2006
an internet whore/hoe
-Yo son what you do today.
-Nuthin much just finished talkin to this VIRUS on aim and we bout to go run a train on that bitch, you down??
-Hell yea ma nigga. Be ther in like 10 minutes.. Payce
-P Pay Payce
by NeverDUN March 24, 2007
An attached female who always messages/e-mails you via the internet
Girl- Hey hun i missed you. I sent you like 4 messages on myspace, how come you didn't respond???? :'(

Guy- I'm sorry i tend to stay awy from virus. Hard to get rid of na mean? NO? Ok.. LEAVE ME THE FUCK ALONE
by NeverDUN October 15, 2007

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