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warning. he is considered "Danger Zone"; he is very attractive and charming and seductive in the utmost ways. Be careful, he is the present day Casanova and he is very good in bed.
"I thought he was the one! I have never met anyone so amazing in every way! He turned out to be a Vince; its always too good to be true."
by Modena783201 March 29, 2010
Northern Virginia slang for marijuana. "Chilling with Vince" is the same thing as smoking pot.
"Yo man, I'm tryna chill wit Vince. "Come ova." "Aite."

Mom: What'd you do last night? Me: Chilled with Vince. Mom: Who's Vince? Me: My best friend. Mom: So what'd you and Vince do? Me: Chilled. Mom: Oh.
by poopdafece12 October 22, 2010
a lovable non funny person that will be there for you he will also stand up for you alot
Vince-heyy leave her alone i love her more

Joey -ummm nooo Vince just give up she loves you more
by xoxoloveyoumore June 21, 2011