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the word villy is a common term, derived from the colloquial term 'willy'. it is used mostly in the region of south perth, western australia, and means willy in german. the singular of villy is villae.
i'm going upstairs to play with my villy.
by ollllllllllllllllllllly April 16, 2010
a different term for 'villain'
person1 - Cari keeps flirting with my boyfriend.
person2 - She's a lil fucking villy.
by FORGIVEMEology August 06, 2007
The best fucking girl!!!!!!!!
she also Bulgarian which is awsome...look up Bulgaria and you'll know what i mean and look that Iana i Villy wrote it.
Wooah it's Villy...i wanna be like her!!! =)
by Ianaforever22 March 27, 2005