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The word "Viewtiful" created by Capcom for the Video game "Viewtiful Joe"

Viewtiful now meaning, Something or someone that/who is at a level that is so high to call it or them Beautiful is a gross understatement.
My girlfriend "Mary-Joy" is amazingly Viewtiful
by X-treme February 06, 2004

Created on Jan 7th 2001 by Tim Symmons and Gerban Stavast to provide European gamers with the most up to date Nintendo news, reviews etc as possible. In just three short years Cube-Europe has grown to become possibly the most visited GameCube site in Europe (maybe even the world) gaining the interest of various games press and Nintendo of Europe themselves
Cube-Europe #1, GAME ON!
by X-treme February 07, 2004
A higher art form of the Jayseven decipline. Differing by the simple fact that it is more "in your face" and "wicked". Where Jayseven has slowly become slowly more powerful amomg the masses, j7wicked had exsisted before jayseven and was much stronger, faster and more purple than Jayseven currently is.
For some unknown reason j7wicked vanished overnight but its younger brotheren Jayseven began to creep from the dark. Some beleive that one day Jayseven hopes to re-attain the power "wicked" and once again be complete.
A world covered in purple, can you imagine it, thats the power of the j7wicked
by X-treme February 07, 2004
Def 1: Someone who is either really scary

Def 2: Someone who knows how to give the opposite sex a good "thrill"
Def1: Jesus christ you scaried me you Athriller you. :P

Def2: Oh my god, hehe, you really are a good Athriller aren't you.
by X-treme February 06, 2004

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