when a woman performs oral sex to man, once he is finshed ejaculating in her mouth she does a "victory lap" around the mans anus with her tongue. living a trail of semen around the anus.
last erin sucked my dick so good that she decided to take a victory lap.

she does victory laps like jimmie johnson .
by green bee May 11, 2011
When a collegiate student takes more than 4 years to graduate, each consecutive year after the 4th year is considered a to be a victory lap
Hey man, what year are you?

Second year senior, i'm on my victory lap.
by chubaccatron August 22, 2006
When masturbating, the few extra jerks you take after orgasm.
He jerked til he came, but kept going for a victory lap.
by Airplane86 December 29, 2009
When someone graduates from highschool only to return for a fifth year.
Guy 1: Dude your still in highschool, I thought you graduated.

Guy 2: Yea I did, but Im on my victory lap.
by Phallic-Man January 27, 2009
1. to give a girl really hot sex and still have enough stamina afterward to give her more
The way that fox in the open-back dress is looking at me, she pretty much has a guaranteed victory lap.
by FightinEngineer February 13, 2011
Upon shooting a monster load directly on a partners face, the male uses junk in a clockwise motion to soak up all love juice and insert said junk back into partners pie hole.
Oh man, I can't believe that girl I swooped at the club last night blew me in the bathroom and let me take a victory lap.
by Rick Wisdom July 31, 2011
A victory lap involves driving around in order to waste work time while operating a company vehicle. The word has also become associated with wasting time in general, "doing victory laps."Victory laps can be measured in different lengths depending on the amount of time that needs to be wasted.
Driver: Man Nick, we have no work to do and cant clock out for another 45 minutes.

Nick: I suppose we could do a big victory lap around campus.
by John D. Townsend October 30, 2007

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