when a woman performs oral sex to man, once he is finshed ejaculating in her mouth she does a "victory lap" around the mans anus with her tongue. living a trail of semen around the anus.
last erin sucked my dick so good that she decided to take a victory lap.

she does victory laps like jimmie johnson .
by green bee May 11, 2011
Top Definition
When a collegiate student takes more than 4 years to graduate, each consecutive year after the 4th year is considered a to be a victory lap
Hey man, what year are you?

Second year senior, i'm on my victory lap.
by chubaccatron August 22, 2006
When masturbating, the few extra jerks you take after orgasm.
He jerked til he came, but kept going for a victory lap.
by Airplane86 December 29, 2009
When a guy goes around and visits all of the women he has nailed one by one
I took a victory lap last week, it took all day
by SloJamz September 01, 2015
1. to give a girl really hot sex and still have enough stamina afterward to give her more
The way that fox in the open-back dress is looking at me, she pretty much has a guaranteed victory lap.
by FightinEngineer February 13, 2011
When someone graduates from highschool only to return for a fifth year.
Guy 1: Dude your still in highschool, I thought you graduated.

Guy 2: Yea I did, but Im on my victory lap.
by Phallic-Man January 27, 2009
When you run around in circles after a great achievement or victory.
Halo, 2v2, score 24 to 24. Oh Snap! He is shooting me badly, I'm in red. I only have one bullet in this stupid sniper, and, HEADSHOT!! I WIN!! ~*victory lap*~ Wow. Alright, I'll calm down now.
by Commielad October 27, 2007
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