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The collection of sex toys amassed near one's bedside over the years. Typically includes a few jackrabbits, cock ring, condoms, lube, whips, cuffs, leather oddities, and various other bondage utensils.

These should be treated as community objects for the parade of skanks coming/going. It's traditional to check these in/out like a public library.
Your Mom: Plug that Doc Johnson in my anus for some DP, baby!

Me: Sorry, I let someone check that out of the vibrary this week. May I interest you in a houdini instead?

Your Mom: Wha? *skeetfaced*
by johnnymulatto July 03, 2009
During vaginal doggy style, the giver pulls out right before the recipient cums to lick the clit & vulva from the back, then re-inserts to ride out the writhing dual clitoral & G-spot orgasms.

Author's Note: Closing with a facial is suggested at this point, given that a double-O is your golden ticket to do whatever the fuck you generally want for the rest of the night
Rupert had trouble deciding whether to finish with a donkey punch or the more respectful victory lap, but opted for a houdini instead.

Well played, Rupert.
by johnnymulatto January 21, 2008

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