Upon shooting a monster load directly on a partners face, the male uses junk in a clockwise motion to soak up all love juice and insert said junk back into partners pie hole.
Oh man, I can't believe that girl I swooped at the club last night blew me in the bathroom and let me take a victory lap.
#victory lap #dream catcher #viktory lap #vyctory lap #loser lap #walk of shame
by Rick Wisdom July 31, 2011
The trip home after the guy drops a girl back to her house the morning after a one-night-stand. The man generally feels elated for the following reasons:

(a) he has recently been sexually gratified
(b) he has been set free
(c) he is past the awkward "goodbye kiss"
(d) he is slightly intoxicated from the night before
(e) he is cranking his favourite victory music and eating McDonalds
I like to play Franz Ferdiand on my Victory Lap.... "No you girls never know..."
#one nighter #one night stand #victory-lap #home-stretch #set-free
by rangerdiko October 19, 2009
During vaginal doggy style, the giver pulls out right before the recipient cums to lick the clit & vulva from the back, then re-inserts to ride out the writhing dual clitoral & G-spot orgasms.

Author's Note: Closing with a facial is suggested at this point, given that a double-O is your golden ticket to do whatever the fuck you generally want for the rest of the night
Rupert had trouble deciding whether to finish with a donkey punch or the more respectful victory lap, but opted for a houdini instead.

Well played, Rupert.
#rimming #cunnilingus #doggystyle #from behind #bucking bronco
by johnnymulatto January 21, 2008
A victory lap involves driving around in order to waste work time while operating a company vehicle. The word has also become associated with wasting time in general, "doing victory laps."Victory laps can be measured in different lengths depending on the amount of time that needs to be wasted.
Driver: Man Nick, we have no work to do and cant clock out for another 45 minutes.

Nick: I suppose we could do a big victory lap around campus.
#wasting time #work #lazy #work humor #work activity #college
by John D. Townsend October 30, 2007
The extra year a student has to spend in high school in order to graduate, because they are academically behind everyone else in their class.
"Are you going to grad?"

"Not this year. I can't. I have to do a victory lap, instead."
#failure #flunkie #special needs student #holdback #rider of the short bus
by D. Gould March 23, 2006
The lap that you drive around the area you just toked at to let all the smoke out of the windows. This action also claims the area as your smoking area for all to see.
-I saw you driving around my parking lot with smoke billiowing out your windows last night.

-Yea, I was driving my victory lap.
#victory lap #victory #lap #420 #weed #smoke
by MrZero March 02, 2011
During sexual intercourse, the act of pulling out at the peak of sexual arousal and running around the partner in a circle, spraying a fountain of gism across the ceiling and walls with the objective of covering the partner in the greatest possible amount of ejaculate.
I almost drowned in Dave's semen during his victory lap.
#gism #jizz fountain #sprinkler #cat #rim job
by victorylapper69* October 15, 2008
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