Crazy, insane, absolutely outlandish laaddy.her name is spelled VIKTORIYA.
tottaly bangable. WILL SUCK FOR 5 $. just kidding. shes a freaking russian/cuban/other shitt and speaks 4 languages; english, spanish, russian, and ALIEN. she can also talk to cows, dogs, and other of such. BIG ASSSSSS! little waist. growing those titss. young enough to not give a fuck. old enough to know what she wants. BESTEST FRIEND IVE EVER HAD. i wanna fuck her so bad, no lie. she can get guys in a snap. theyre all wooopped! has the most beautiful eyess =) always blushingg. VERY SEXUALLY EXPLICIT AND PERVERTED. but no hoeee; super hard2get. Has this thing for tan guys with long hair and big packages. Loves making people laugh and it comes naturally to herr. she always looks better in real life then in pictures. LOVES NEON COLORS> obsessed with bone n thugs, ACDC, mettalica, a7x, lil wayne, and RHCP.
guranteed to rock your world.
promise you wont return.
Guy1: Vicky shes the most amazing girl ive ever met !!! she would probably get me WHIPPED. no one can compare to "Vicky"
Guy2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9/infinity: we knoww.
by Jakeeeeeeyadigg December 06, 2008
Panties; as in Victoria's Secret.
I just wanted to get her in her Vickies.
by Dexie March 21, 2006
Vicky's the sweetest person you will ever meet, she'll make your heart melt when you gaze into her eyes, when she smiles at you it's almost impossible to not smile back, everytime you think of her you'll smile like an idiot. Vicky will stand by you through it all and won't give up. Vicky can get scared sometimes with getting close and trusting but she's worth waiting for, she gives the most amazing cuddles and when you hold her hand you'll feel dizzy and your heart will race, she doubts herself but doesn't need to because she is the most beautiful person you'll hope to meet even if she doesn't think it, she's gorgeous inside and out from head to toe, caring and kind beyond compare and she'll be that person who you wondered how you lived all these years without, she's always there for others but not for herself, a very sarcastic person but in the funny way and you'll always laugh with her, she's great to mess around and have play fights with even if they end up in cuddles, she's such a cutie who you'll adore and cherish every moment with, your best friend who you can tell all your secrets to, you can trust her with your life. She has great music taste and being with her feels more natural than breathing, when your at your worst she'll make you smile, cheer you up and fix you if your broken, Vicky is extremely Ticklish but be careful as she's not in control of her limbs when she's being tickled so you will most probably get a kick to the face...
Aidan: "you could of had any guy out there whose more amazing and hotter than me....but you settled for me"
Vicky: "I'm so not settling...I reached out and got you"
Aidan: "your voice is my favourite sound, You are my one and only. you can wrap your fingers round my thumb and hold me tight"
by You'reInMyHeart19961996 December 16, 2013
Youre lucky if you have a Vicky. Shes beautiful, and she always sticks around and helps her buddies out. Shes determined and very special. Usually has red or brunette hair,shes rarely a blonde. Vicky's have gorgeous eyes but never think enough of themselves. Has a big heart,but Vicky's act as hard as nails. Dont get on the wrong side of a Vicky. If you have a Vicky,dont let her go,youll regret it. Often Vicky's turn out to be the ugly duckling but give her time to bloom,youll be shocked by how cute she gets
Person 1: hey, dude?
Person 2: what bro?
Person 1: is that Vicky?
Person 2: oh my god bro,she used to be ugly!
Person 1: i know bro,fuck,shes hot now
Person 2: shes not an ugly duckling anymore bro
Person 1: damn,shes hot now
Person 2: i regret not asking her out
Person 1: me too bro
by Nekdjsndjnd December 12, 2013
Street Slang for the pharmaceutical drug Vyvanse. Vyvanse is used to treat ADHD symptoms. Despite this, it's used heavily by teenagers to be able to stay up late and drink more alcohol
"dude is vicky coming into town today?" - "Yeah, don't worry vicky gon pay us a visit"
by THE LEMONADE KING September 01, 2012
Someone who is violent but can be really nice at times
Hey don't be a Vicky!
by AwesoemGirl25 February 16, 2015
Slang term for the popular lingerie and clothing store chain Victoria's Secret
Let's go over to Vicky's and get some undies!
by trampish February 07, 2005
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