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A backup president, someone who often takes care of things the president does not want to do.
President: File this for me.
Vice president: Okay.
by PuppyLOVER562 December 05, 2007
The person who is second in rank in a government or group
Larry Thomas is Vice-President of the canyon
by Anonymous March 25, 2003
An individual that does his or her own job plus that of the president.
An individual with a greater workload than the president, but with little to none of the perks nor recognition.
The one who gets blamed for everything the president does wrong.
Person 1: Hey, didn't John do all of the work for that?
Person 2: Yeah, but he's only vice president, so he doesn't get any credit.
by RebeccaM1 May 07, 2013
He'll Win By A Reasonable Margin, If You Vote For Arjun.
Aj Singh is gonna win msj soph vice pres.
by SOmEONE CoOl May 25, 2003
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