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A wife or female partner of a man who is upset with her partner's use of Viagra is considered viaggravated.
Betty: Bob's on Viagra again, Sue.
Sue: Oh no, Betty, that's awful!
Betty: Now he always wants it! I'm viaggravated and I'm not gonna take it anymore!
by Zedstorm August 01, 2005
7 2
adj The state of mind when a female decides that her feelings are no longer needed to be kept to herself and enlists the time and attention of her male partner to express whatever she wants for marathon periods of time.
MAN 1: dude, you look like shit!!!

MAN 2: Yeah, my wife was Viaggravated about something again. Its probably PMS.
by The Zunicorn January 07, 2011
2 0
Getting annoyed when your spam filter lets in the endless emails containing the little pictures of viagra pills and other assorted drugs.
I was so viaggravated this morning - the only emails I received were spam selling the little blue pill.
by jay - s March 07, 2007
2 6