A super sexy hot bish the trolls wish they could be.
Like the green eyed ichi so jelly of the sexy vette she spews bs in her presence.
by toetag August 28, 2015
A Chevette. When someone scratches out the first three letters of the word Chevette on their car as if to make up for their small penis.
Dude, check out my Vette.
by R(ee) November 06, 2008
american muscle car with viatnemese suspension instead of coils and shocks
dude check out my new vette
haha new? have u seen the leafsprings on that thing? what is this 1842?
by anonymous_08 February 05, 2008
A Shortened form of the American "Corvette". Apparently it was meant to be a sports car.
"Dang, man, ma Vette won't start!"
by Grego October 18, 2003
Shortened name for the Corvette. One of the few american cars that has any sort of overseas fanbase. Contrary to what many ignorant 'vette fans think, it is no-where near the same league as european uber-brans such as Ferrari, Porsche or even many beamers or benz'.

While it may go fast in a straight line, look like a shark, and help one to get blown, it is still crap.

Being that it is an american sports car, it suffers from "suspionus americanas sportas". Due to a lack of suspension, it gives a terrible ride (your spine will be totally destroyed within a year of buying it), rattles like an old man getting out of bed, and steers like, well, an american car. Due to the fact this was designed for racing in the broad streets of the good ol' USA, it sucks as a REAL race car, and on the narrower hills of europe, would probably get owned by a mini cooper.

Apparantly prone to malfunction.
America's half-assed answer to the 911?

Maybe not.
by Gumba Gumba February 21, 2004
A car that is no match for a Dodge Viper
Pussy Boy: I own a vette
Man: Hahahahaha...get away from me. And dont touch my Viper
by jackdaniels June 23, 2004

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