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The best car ever produced made with an engine almost as powerful as Jesus and Chuck Norris' beard. With amazingly awesome performance and dashingly good looks, it is THE CAR OF GODS!!!!!!! No import car will ever beat it and it is way better than a mustang. It was already destined for greatness because it is American and a Chevrolet.
Honda Civic Driver: Wow, is that a Corvette?
Corvette Driver: Why yes, yes it is. Wanna race?
Honda Civic Driver: OK, lets do it. One condition tho.
Corvette Driver: What's that?
Honda Civic Driver: We go uphill, you drive backwards, and i get a three-quarters length head start.
Corvette Driver: Ok.
Narrator: Unfortunately for Mr.Civic, his VTech didn't kick because he couldn't get his car over 5000 rpms going uphill and the Corvette still won.
by AstronautDave March 21, 2010

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