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Spreading apart those ass cheeks and licking ass
when doing anilingus you can taste what your partner had for breakfast
by jackdaniels September 01, 2004
Nuthin but a bunch of Studio Ganstas
They just pussies. straight pussies
by jackdaniels August 04, 2004
TO have sex with someone without their consent.
The next jogger I see run my aparment is gonna get kobe'd in the bushes.
by jackdaniels April 29, 2004
What you must do if you want to get from point A to point B and you have no money, no car or no friends or family that can give you a ride.
boy #1: Where you goin, G?
boy #2: I'm footin it to the store to buy another 40.
by jackdaniels April 28, 2004
Those mother fuckers that will come and repo your shit if you dont make your monthly payment.
boy #1: Man, the lien holder's came and repossesed my new 'Stang.
boy #2: Dang dude. thats fucked up.
boy #1: Yeah. I'm footin' it now.
by jackdaniels April 28, 2004
How far you must walk before you walk 9 miles.
I made that 8 mile trek and I'm about to die. I wish I had a car.
by jackdaniels April 28, 2004
A car that is no match for a Dodge Viper
Pussy Boy: I own a vette
Man: Hahahahaha...get away from me. And dont touch my Viper
by jackdaniels June 23, 2004

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