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The term vestibulian comes from the early 21st century.

It originates from an internet message board that consists of thousands of prepubesent preteens.

1. A vestibulian refers to a person that is constantly trying to improve their cyber reputation by actively posting asinine messages in an attempt to obtain a higher post count than all other individuals who also post at the same message board.

2. Someone that regularly posts asinine messages in "The Vestibule" forum at the IGN Boards.
1. The SHD boards have been overrun by vestibulians.

2. Yab is a vestibulian.
by Kenny Decius January 02, 2005
One who posts at The Vestibule.
by Anonymous May 11, 2003
I'm the greatest Vestibulian of all time!
#1 spammer back2back. #1 rank change back2back
by ZB June 16, 2003
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