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Described as a "test run" of the IGN boards, it is currently the most-used forum on IGN. It is frequently called "The Spam Board". As of 2005, the Vestibule has accumulated over 100 million posts. It is commonly referred to as "Teh Vesti" or "The Vesti" by its regulars. At the beginning of 2006, the Vesti was nearly overrun by noobs, or newly registerd users. Many of these users spammed the boards unmercifully to add posts to their post count. The Vestibule lost many regulars in 2006 including: The.Boss, raffaelhookel, and Charcoal2k. Since then, many users have complained that The Vestibule has declined in quality.
I'd better fap furiously to this pic of goddess bunny because it's on The Vestibule!!!!11one11!!!
by Ivebeenpermad August 06, 2006