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An internet drug. Causes a halt in brain cell production, a significant decrease in intelligence and maturity, and produces a large amount of "face_plain-ism".
For teh vesti!
Didn't read, LOL.
by alice_mega May 14, 2007
54 17
Short name for "Teh Vestibule", a forum on IGN. Known for the "vesti standards".
Let's go post a logical and compassionate statement at Teh Vestibule forum.
by Rusty R July 11, 2010
17 5
teh place were the uber l337 nerds hang out and talk about butsecks all day.
The vesti is so lame.
by Lance aka Dawg_LSE on teh vesti January 03, 2005
71 59
Where people make Fresh Prince of Bel-Air parodies (most which suck ass) and talk about Kates hoof.
Too lazy to find or think of a Bel-Air parody
by Ryan January 31, 2005
28 56